Stability of Metabolic and Balanced Organisations

Pietro Speroni di Fenizio, and Wolfgang Banzhaf (2001)
Stability of metabolic and balanced organisations.
in: J. Kelemen and P. Sosik (Eds.), Advances in Artificial Life (Proc. 6th European Conference on Artificial Life), LNCS 2159, pp. 196-205, Prague, September 10-14, 2001. Springer, Berlin.


We investigate the possible organisations emerging from an artificial chemistry (AC) of colliding molecules in a well stirred reactor. The molecules are generated from 7 basic components (atoms), each with a different behaviour. After discovering two main types of organisations (metabolic o. and balanced o.), we deepen our analysis by studying their behaviour over time. The phases they pass through and their stability with respect to an external influx of random information are examined. We notice that no organisation seems to be totally stable over time, yet metabolic organisations pass through a growth phase with a much higher stability. Lastly we observe how the different phases are triggered by the presence or absence of particular atoms.