Lesson at the Toulouse E-Democracy Summer School: Consensus vs. Consent vs. Majoritarian

How is Consensus and Consent different?

I gave 3 lessons at the Toulouse e-Democracy Summer School. The first was on Consensus versus Consent. The lesson is available on YouTube.

Abstract: We are going to see how eDemocratic systems can be qualitatively different depending on the size of the group using them. We will in particular look at 4 tools: Pareto Front, Genetic Algorithm, Consent and the Voting Triangle. We shall present each of them, and see how they are intertwined into a single tool (Vilfredo). Then we will see when this tool works and when does not. The lesson will end presenting the governance of online DAO as a new context where to apply our democratic design abilities leaving some open questions for the students to consider.

Also the pdf of the slides for the lesson are available: https://home.pietrosperoni.it/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Consensus-vs-Consent.pdf